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Pallet Rack

We buy and sell, and have installed new and used pallet rack of all types in hundreds of locations and applications all over the country.

Pallet rack goes hand and hand with any warehouse, distribution center, or manufacturing facility. There is no shortage of variety or manufacturers when it comes to industrial racking, which is why we are here to help. We have worked at scale with just about any type of racking out there and can help make your next industrial project an easy success.
Typical Pallet Rack Typical Pallet Rack
Racking varies by material/application and the needs of your business. We stock many makes of racking ready to ship and install on location for our customers. Pallet Racking is simple in concept with just a few key components at its heart. The three major components listed below together make the storage system.
Racking 'uprights' or 'frames' are the vertical steel structures which various horizontal surfaces can be connected. There are many styles and physical property differences among manufacturers, but they all are connect with some sort of horizontal support 'beams.' Uprights come in many dimensions and various capacities and capabilities.
Pallet Rack Uprights
The horizontal supports that connect to the uprights are the 'beams,' or 'horizontal cross members.' Like the uprights, beams also are made in a variety of dimensions, mechanical styles, and capacities. There are common lengths/sizes, such as 84", 96", 102", 108", 120", 132", and 144", as well as custom more rare custom lengths available.
Once the beams are connected to the uprights, a surface can be placed on them to complete the rack and make it ready for material. The most common surface by far is Wire Decking, which is made to fit the appropriate dimensions of beams and uprights, as well as varying capacity needs and strengths. There are wood and other surfaces, but wire decking is appropriate in the majority of applications.

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