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Wire Decking

Wire decking is a very common way to provide safe storage for active inventory, loose or open product, or just very easy material handling.

Wire decking is the most common warehouse racking surface for inventory. It is designed to provide shelving with the capability of storing split and open case items on shelves. It also provides stability and protection.
The deck prevents products from falling and causing injury, is easy to install, provides great inventory visibility, allows less dirt build-up, and creates better air circulation. They can also decrease insurance premiums, increases overhead sprinkler effectiveness, meet fire code standards, and allow for easy maintenance.
Wire decking better in terms of fire safety than surfaces like particle board or plywood. In the unfortunate event of a fire, the open wire decking allows water to flow through freely and protect your inventory. Also, more light is able to pass through evenly, making for brighter warehouses. Better distribution of existing lighting is proven to reduce accidents and increase stocking and picking efficiencies.

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