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Liquidation / Wind-Down

We specialize in large-scale liquidations of commercial and industrial space. We save customers endless costs and frustrations in the difficult task of liquidating premises.

We have liquidated millions of square feet of distribution center and other commercial spaces. Our customers avoid stress by receiving above fair value offers to handle the systematic dissolving of their plant, property, and equipment.

We understand the various options owners have when winding down a business, location, or division and can help them make the right choices to provide value to their investors and other stakeholders.

Why Liquidation Specialists? If you need to wind down a large warehouse, office, or distribution center due to things like bankruptcy, consolidation, or simply relocation, it can be tempting to not take the appropriate time to examine value and execute as wisely as you likely could. Many decision makers opt for auction after receiving promises of recouping more investment. However, auctions are costly and not guaranteed at all, and therefore, risky.

We prefer to make honest evaluations with our customers and help them liquidate more effectively by negotiating directly a fair, and sure offer for their assets. This helps shrink losses considerable while removing the stress and liabilities of executing much the wind down process themselves. Our years of experience let us move customers through the process quickly, safely, and smoothly.

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